In Loving Memory of Sukhoi
1990 -2006


     It is with profound sadness that Jan Meires and Keoki Gray announce the passing of our beloved Sukhoi.  She departed peacefully and with dignity on the evening of 7 November 2006 with both of us at her side.


     We could not have hoped for a more cherished and wonderful daughter.  Sukhoi gave us so much joy and taught us volumes about love and life.  Her passing has left an enormous void in our hearts, and those of her two black cats, Alexis and Midnight.

     We know Sukhoi touched your life, too, and wanted to tell you how much we appreciate your thoughts of our dear girl. 

     We hope you may be blessed with such a pure and abiding love as we experienced for sixteen years with Sukhoi.  She was truly amazing.