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Aerobatics Links

 Some of our favorite sites for everything from aircraft parts to aerobatic planes. (These web sites are listed by category, then alphabetically by the web address. We think we’ve included something for everyone but, if not, please let us know.)


Performers - Teams 

www.blueangels.navy.mil -- The US Navy Flight Demonstration Team--"The Blues"--has been flying since 1946 where they first performed in Jacksonville, Florida, as a three-ship in Grumman "Hellcats."  Now in Hornets, they are one of the world's best.
www.breitling-jet-team.com -- A six-ship of Aero L-39s flying for Breitling Watches in a livery that reminds one of our Blue Angels.  This team shows what the L-39--the world's most popular jet warbird can do in capable hands.

www.gcmseye.com/s08.htm -- This links to a stereo photograph (you know, cross your eyes and the two images look like one 3 dimensional image) of the HIAT circa 1991 in the Northeast (Seattle, perhaps?).  That's Keoki on the left wing (upper aircraft) with the left horizontal of our Navajo support plane at the left margin.

www.knights.ru/knights-e.shtml -- The Russian Knights is a six-ship demo that operates a mix of the breathtaking single- and two-seat Sukhoi Su-27s!  They sometimes fly with the Strizhi in a "big diamond," and use their flares in certain maneuvers.

www.limalima.com -- Lima is a team of 6 bright yellow T-34s who fly a great formation show. Like the jet teams, but without the (boring) wait between maneuvers.

www.nwi.net/~blanikam/ba/fot22.htm -- This team of sailplanes operates in Europe, and flies four matching aircraft with wingtip smoke.  After flying with 2COOL Gliders for two seasons, there's a soft spot in my heart from a glider team!


www.redeagleairsports.com -- The Red Eagles have been down to practice in the box a couple of times and it's a treat to watch them fly.  The two beautiful pair of overpowered Red Eagle biplanes (duh!) are well flown in high-energy performances.

www.skybox.cz -- Formation aerobatics have always been special to us, and this site belongs to "the winners of the first series of the FAI World Gran Prix, Formation Division"—four Zlin-50s in close (close!) formation.

www.snowbirds.dnd.ca -- The Snowbirds are Jan’s favorite jet team—and for good reason. What the airplanes lack in performance the team more than makes up for with outstanding choreography, showcasing everything from solos to all nine (9!) airplanes.

www.strizhi.info -- The "Strizhi" fly the awesome MiG-29 (both single- and two-seaters) with striking white, blue and red paint.  The Team also uses their flares during demonstrations!  The site offers a monthly calendar with great photo. Strizhi is Russian for "Swift."
thunderbirds.airforce.com/2008_USAF_Thunderbirds/Intro.html -- The USAF Flight Demonstration Team, the Thunderbirds have been thrilling audiences for decades.  (I remember seeing them in LOUD F-4s off of Waikiki Beach many years ago--very cool.)  Their F-16s are gorgeous in their patriotic red-white-and-blue paint.


Performers - Solo

www.home.earthlink.net/~wrstein/ -- Computer wizard Bill Stein traded his Pitts for a Zivko Edge and flies it in air shows--when he's not cruising around in his Swift or a Red Baron Stearman, that is. What a life . . . !

www.mikegoulian.com -- Mike is personable, serves on the International Council of Air Shows, is a co-author of two excellent books on aerobatics, and flies a dynamite routine. Check his site for more.

www.pattywagstaff.com -- Patty Wagstaff, the "first lady" of air show acts, has one of the finest international performances (and web sites), flying her trademark Extra 300 or the JPATS "Texan II".

www.poweraerobatics.com -- Sean D. Tucker fields one of the world’s premier air shows acts, providing exciting, rock-and-roll aerobatics for his new sponsor, Oracle.

www.sergeiboriak.com -- Coach, performer and friend, Sergei Boriak demonstrated the awesome power and capabilities of the Sukhoi Su-31.  The ground level "Cobra" and the tailslide to a pendulum inverted, deadstick (?!) recovery are our favorites.  Rock on, Tovarisch!


Aircraft  -  Where to search for your perfect aerobatic machine, or the components to keep it flying.

www.amerchampionaircraft.com -- American Champion Aircraft’s Decathlon, an aerobatic design based on the Aeronca Champ, combines versatility with economy.

www.aviataircraft.com -- Aviat Aircraft, from Afton, Wyoming, manufactures the Pitts line of airplanes, kits and plans, plus other exciting models.

www.cassutt-racer.com -- This new site is dedicated to Cassutts worldwide. It is based in Scotland and was started by, Des, the fellow who bought "G-BOMB," one of the three aircraft that made up "The Dukes of Cassutt." Get in on the formative period and enjoy watching this site grow. (Oh, and check out the photos of 'The Tennessee Lamb," and you-know-who.)

www.radialrocket.com -- Take a Sukhoi, add sleek lines suggesting the AR-5, and toss in a Grumman Gulfhawk F-8F paint scheme and you get something like this interesting new airplane.  Fast and cool, and capable of sports acro, it's got lots of style.

www.russianaeros.com -- Richard Goode, purveyor of Sukhois, Yakovlevs, and L-39s in England, maintains a great site that also carries engines, parts and support materials.

www.saginawwings.com   -- The Globe/Temco Swift has long been one of our favorite aircraft, and this site traces the living history of this great little bird.

www.southeastaero.com/default.htm   -- Southeast Aero, of St. Augustine, FL, is one of the nation’s top sources for new and pre-owned Extra monoplanes.

www.teamrocketaircraft.com -- Team Rocket sells what can best be described as "an RV-4 on steroids!" The aircraft kit offers a simple design with mouth-watering performance (e.g., 3000+ fpm climb, and 200+ knot cruise!).

www.vansaircraft.com -- Though we try to avoid "build-‘em-yerself" sites, the RV series of aircraft are simply too good to pass up. STOL performance, easy to fly, and great control harmony for "sports aerobatics." Fly one, and get the "RV Grin."

www.zivko.com -- Flying and kit aircraft from Oklahoma—both single- and two-seaters—that perform toe-to-toe with any unlimited monoplane in today’s competition arena.


Aerophiles  - For those of you (us?!) who simply can’t get enough of anything aeronautical. . .

www.aerocatures.com --You know those drawings of aircraft that look like living creatures, faces and all? This is it! Hank Caruso’s work is provocative and entertaining.

www.aerographic.com -- "Pitts' on Holiday" as they say in the UK.  If you are interested in Pitts' of the British Isles, Start with this great site.  (Our friend, Alan Coutts, has his Pitts in here, too.)

www.airbum.com -- We had the privilege of working with Budd Davisson when he shot the Red Baron Stearmans. His web site is fun, with some great photos and articles from his years in the business. He has a new novel out, too. (And he likes Pitts’.)

avia.russian.ee -- Tour a Virtual Aircraft Museum (with emphasis on aircraft from Russia and Eastern Europe). This site offers a different aviation perspective (e.g., "Anti-NATO").

francewarbirds.free.fr -- A pictorial listing of all the flying piston Warbirds in France (recommended by Antoine Kotliar), with photos/information about some great airplanes.

home.comcast.net/~jwmills60/site -- This Cassutt site is even newer than Cassutt-Racer, and started by "Rocket," one of the local pilots/partners in the other Cassutt on the field. We especially appreciate the Cassutt Racer Airshow Performers' page (that goes by the acronym of, well, you'll figure it out).

www.landaerosports.com -- Jay and Alex have visited many times, and have a pretty nice little air force going in the ATL area.  Alex shows what happens when talent, drive and opportunity coexist.  Oh, yeah, and dad, Jay, flies pretty well, too.

www.landings.com -- A perfect international web site to begin your searching—or surfing—for any and all things aeronautical. Could tie you up for days. . .

www.modelstation.com/rich -- A personal web site that just happens to have a simple—and free—model of Patty Wagstaff’s Extra 300S aerobatic monoplane (circa late 1990s).

www.modularspacetoys.co.cc/index.html -- This site had some very nice modules that could be assembled, with some imagination, into an infinite number of spaceships. It disappeared for a while, but is now back and boasts some new bits. Lots of great stuff here.

www.nzfpm.co.nz -- Sir Tim Wallis’ extraordinary Warbird museum boast fantastic photos, and brought the Polikarpov I-153s & I-16s back from 40+ years of extinction.

www.stallion51.com -- Ever want to fly one of the world's best W.W.II fighters?  You can, at Stallion 51.  If you fly with our friend--and exceptional pilot--Eliot Cross, tell him "hello" for us!

wp.scn.ru/en/ww2/f/317 -- This site, Wings Palette, has hundreds of color aircraft profiles.  Start with the I-16, or use the top menu to find the airplane you're interested in viewing.  You'll get lost in there . . .


Organizations - These groups can make any aviation experience more enjoyable.

www.aifby.com -- Contact the Amelia Island/Fernandina Beach/Yulee Chamber web site to find out where to dine or lodge while visiting our resort island (when you’re not flying, of course).

www.airshows.org -- The International Council of Airshows (ICAS) represents air show promoters and performers throughout North America, and helps maintain high levels of professionalism in the air show industry.

www.aopa.org -- The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association represents pilot views to local, state and federal government. They also offer great membership benefits, a fine magazine, and legal/insurance opportunities for pilots of all levels.

www.eaa.org -- The Experimental Aircraft Association promotes sport aviation in all its facets, from celebrating early flight history through restoring—even building—you own aircraft. They also provide an excellent magazine and membership benefits, plus host the world’s two largest fly-ins.

www.flyredstar.org -- The Yak Pilots Club has expanded and updated to
include more aircraft from eastern Europe--including jets. This new site will
better serve the membership.

www.iac.org -- The International Aerobatic Club is a branch of the EAA specifically aimed at the aerobatic pilot. All levels of involvement are encouraged through a well-done magazine, and local/regional/national/international contests.

www.musclebiplane.org -- A "Clearing House" site for most things biplane (and a few monoplanes, too). Their "links" page is an impressive list of aviation-related businesses.


Diversions - When you just have too much of aircraft (is that really possible?), here are some other things you may want to do.

www.fiddlersgreen.net -- For the kid in all us pilots, Fiddlers Green has some great paper models that may be downloaded and printed from your own computer—some are even free! Great for those weather days when you just have to "commit aviation."

genius.x0.com/pmdirectory/mamecraft/index.html -- One of our favorite paper model links, this one has several aircraft (cars, too).  Jets are well-represented, including some of the latest fighters (Sukhois, and LOTS of Vipers).  Our favorites--the Sukhoi Su-26, -29 and -31, in big 1/32 scale (10" wingspan)!

www.infosnow.ne.jp/~suzuki-a/index.html -- Several paper models that are simplified to allow for ease of construction and decent flight characteristics.  You may color them as they are printed in a simple white scheme.  There's a great selection of jets, and even a dragonfly and seagull.

www.pygmyboats.com -- Pygmy Boats builds some great stitch-and-glue kits, mostly Kayaks, that are light, easy to paddle, seaworthy and gorgeous.  Very high performance for less cost than pre-made boats--what's not to like?  

www.southflorida.com/events/sfl-edge-n-paperplanes,0,2199675.flash  Another paper model site, but this one has gliders that can be customized for the "paint job," the trim and even the name on the canopy rail.  Lots of fun, even if you don't print them, though they fly pretty well.  (Use card stock if you print out fliers.)

www.ss42.com/pt-planemodel.html -- A nice compilation of web sites that offer free paper models.  Most have aircraft but a few offer other machines/stuff as well.


Need more, web surfers? Well, there isn’t any more. . .yet. But we do update this list as the mood strikes us, so check back. Thanks, and "surf’s up!"