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The LOOTM (pronounced LOOT-em or LOOT-um) is the Lust Object Of The Month.  It is simply our current aircraft infatuation.  Since it's an "Object," it has to be inanimate (though one could argue that aircraft come alive for us), and has to be special in some way.  It is only our opinion, and is completely subjective, so any argument, while perhaps amusing, will not really sway the decision.  Thanks, and enjoy.

While traveling for the holidays (I forgot how much I missed travelling--but NOT airline travel!), I was poking around a wooden boat museum. A De Havilland of Canada DHC-2 Beaver flew overhead on a left downwind, turned final and eased its floats into the smooth water as pretty as you please. It slowed, settled "off the step" and water taxied to moor between two of its big brothers--Turbine Otters. It looked so effortless--and fun--that it stuck with me all the way home. Besides, Harrison Ford has one. If it's good enough for Han Solo . . . .

LOOTM for January

The DHC-2 Beaver



Happy New Year!


Kenmore Air Beavers--eight floats in close formation! More fantastic photos here:

http://www.airliners.net/search/photo.search?aircraftsearch=De Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver Mk1&distinct_entry=true


Now really, isn't this better than a boat at the dock? The Wiki entry here:



They also have fee--er--wheels! Take-off (above) and the "front office" (below) from this terrific site:



BTW, friends don't let friends do this (a good reason NOT to have amphibious floats!):