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Thinking of Doing Business With 55J?

If you are thinking of doing business at 55J, especially if you will be basing a business here, you will probably already have spoken with the city manager (Mike Czymbor) and/or the airport manager (Dick Johnson).  If not, you may contact them through the following e-mails:



You may also want to contact the following folks for anecdotes on their professional relationships with the City of Fernandina Beach.  It may offer a different perspective than you will get from the City staff.

Bob Murphy--Environmental Air


Clyde Wilkes--Wilkes Helicopters


Roy Stafford--Black Shadow


John McGill--FBO Owner

Link to Temporary Injunction Against the City

We received this from John McGill as an illustration of "How the City [of Fernandina Beach] does business."  Be advised that this is ~ 20 pages of text and another 6 pages of diagrams.  It is public record.

Tail winds & Happy Landings,


Sean McGill--FBO Manager


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